Bsa 310 

Bio100 - McBride Financial is one the industry’s leading Mortgage Company offering low competitive interest rates and using state of art technology. McBride has focused their current business in the five states Idaho, Montana, North Dakota, Wyoming and South Dakota.

Bio 100 - McBride holds high standards of FHA, VA and conservative loans for financing homes for its customers. McBride plans to have a rewarding first year with a financial breakeven point in the first six months. McBride strives for high customers’ satisfaction, while reducing the operating cost and expanding work performance. To achieve these goals, McBride needs to provide effective and efficient mortgage services to increase their stacks in the market. To do this, McBride will need to develop a marketing plan (Apollo Group, 2005).

Bsa310 - McBride will need to consider different techniques to attract customers while learning the needs of those customers and operating in an efficient budget. The best marketing research for McBride to use is a descriptive research due to the lower operating expenses and time it takes for the marketing to reach the company’s target audiences. This descriptive research method is a highly structured and rigid marketing research method compared to using the exploratory research method which can be a very unstructured approach but is a more flexible method. By using this descriptive research method, it will allow McBride to establish future markets and have the possibility of the growth and profitability in the future. With the right planning and research, it can enable McBride to avoid making fatal errors while they are building a competitive advantage over their competitors in the financing market. Bsa 310

Bsa 310


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